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Here you will find a collection of videos that relate to REbeL’s mission in some way, some of which are REbeL originals. You can view all of the videos in the browser window, or you can select specific topic areas. You will find that some videos relate to more than one topic area. Please feel free to show these during meetings to generate discussion. Several meeting topics refer to videos housed here.┬áIf you find additional videos that you would like to have added to our collection to make available to other Chapter Sponsors & students, please contact the Program Director.

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Lincoln Southwest High | REbeL

Lincoln Southwest High School in Nebraska hosted their second REbeL event on Saturday, March 12th and it was so much fun! We took whiteboard photos, did a compliment circle, talked about body image, realizing our value, confidence, complimenting ourselves and others on factors other than appearance, and cultural barriers to self-acceptance. And of course, no REbeL event would be complete without Compliment Cookies. We were so happy we could be a part of this event, and we can’t wait for them to start their own chapter!

Paul Rudd, Emcee Our Be You Bash!

A few of our REbeL students from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School put together this awesome video featuring their favorite things about Kansas City – the Royals, the Chiefs, BBQ, Paul Rudd, and of course, REbeL, which started in Overland Park, Kansas! They say it never hurts to ask. . . Paul Rudd, will you join the REbeLution and emcee our Be You Bash?

Update: Paul Rudd did not emcee our Be You Bash, but we still love this video!

Blue Valley Northwest High | Why We Walk

Our Blue Valley Northwest High School students from Overland Park, Kansas created this awesome short video for this year’s Walk to REbeL. They tell us all the reasons why THEY walk. Why do YOU walk?

Ascension Catholic School | BE a REbeL

Our Ascension Catholic School REbeLs put together this awesome video for our REbeL-wide video challenge! We just love how they captured what REbeL means to each of them and all that they can BE.

Academie Lafayette | REbeL vs. “The Perfect Body”

This amazing video was created by our Academie Lafayette REbeL chapter members from Kansas City, Missouri, and it will definitely hype you up to “REbeL!” They tell us what they love about THEIR bodies and how they “REbeL” against the idea of having the perfect body.

Sandra Aamodt | Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work

In this honest, raw talk, neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt uses her personal story to frame an important lesson about how our brains manage our bodies, as she explores the science behind why dieting not only doesn’t work, but is likely to do more harm than good. She suggests ideas for how to live a less diet-obsessed life.

Watch What You Watch PSA

This PSA, featuring well-known celebrities, encourages us to question everything and to pay attention to the way women and girls are portrayed in the media.

Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question

Dove gathered 50 people of all ages and asked them each one question: “If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?” Their responses illustrate how we are not born with body dissatisfaction; rather, it’s learned.

Cameron Russell | Looks Aren’t Everything

In this inspiring TED Talk, Cameron Russell, a model, explains how images are powerful and superficial. She also answers some common questions about modeling and challenges some commonly held misconceptions about the industry and about beauty.

Khari | Love Yourself

Khari Toure, dad, author, poet, and music producer, wrote this song and created this anti-bullying music video for his daughter. It empowers children to be confident and to practice self-love, especially in the face of criticism.

Blindfolded Self-Acceptance Experiment

One woman on a journey to self-acceptance stood in her bikini in the middle of a busy public market in downtown Boise, Idaho for over an hour. She asked for anyone who had struggled with self-esteem to write on her body. She expected ridicule, but her fears never came true. What she received was love and acceptance.

Katie Makkai | Pretty

An oldie but a goodie, poet Katie Makkai performed this moving piece, called Pretty, at the National Poetry Slam in Denver, CO in 2012. She points out what the word ‘pretty’ means to society and how a two-syllable word can have such an impact on people.

Dove | Selfie

This Dove video challenges us to redefine beauty one photo at a time through natural, unfiltered selfies. Dove challenged girls and their mothers to take a selfie — no edits or filters. What was done with the pictures afterward helped them to see the beauty in themselves that they weren’t able to see before.

The Lone Nut

This video, featuring a “shirtless dancing guy,” illustrates some important leadership concepts and how to start a movement. This totally relates to what we’re doing in REbeL!

Dove | Change One Thing

This Dove video reveals what young girls think about themselves and points out that we need to change one thing — how our girls see themselves.