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Here you will find a collection of publicly available resources that relate to REbeL’s areas of focus. You can view all of the documents in the browser window, or you can select specific topic areas. You will also find links to these resources within select categories under Meeting Topics & Related Materials. Feel free to refer to these and/or use them in meetings or as handouts at outreach events if appropriate. If you find additional resources that you would like to see added to our collection for other Chapter Sponsors and student leaders to reference, please contact the Program Director.

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Mindful Eating Contract

Pledge with us… Can you commit to eating mindfully? This pairs with the following Meeting Topic: Mindful Eating.

Weight Bias

Weight bias is ever-present in our society and also in schools. This excellent resource from Yale Rudd Center, an organization devoted to ending weight stigma through research, education, and advocacy, will help you understand weight bias, its impact on students, and ways to reduce weight stigma at school.

Tips for Becoming a Critical Viewer of the Media

Media messages about body shape and size will affect the way we feel about ourselves and our bodies only if we let them. One of the ways we can protect our self-esteem and body image from the media’s often narrow definitions of beauty and acceptability is to become a critical viewer of the media messages we are bombarded with each day. When we effectively recognize and analyze the media messages that influence us, we remember that the media’s definitions of beauty and success do not have to define our self-image or potential.

Weight & Bullying

Appearance is the #1 reason for bullying. If you are being bullied about your weight, you may be tempted to try to lose weight. Rather than taking extreme, unhealthy, and potentially dangerous measures to lose weight, channel your efforts to take action against bullying and find positive ways to take care of your health. Here are some tips!

Body Image Tips For Parents

Positive body image starts at home. These are great tips for parents to help them create a body-positive household!


Mindful Exercise

It’s important to move our bodies for overall health & well-being. But it’s also important to exercise mindfully & to consider exercise a form of self-care, not punishment or a way to lose weight. Check out this handout for tips for changing your relationship with exercise.

What is Mindful Eating?

What is mindful eating? We’re glad you asked. Here is a simple list of mindful eating how-to’s.

mindful eating

50 Ways to Lose the 3Ds

This comprehensive list of tips to lose the 3 D’s — Dieting, Drive for Thinness, and Body Dissatisfaction — is a must for parents, educators, coaches, and others who work with young people.

10 Steps to Positive Body Image

One list cannot automatically tell you how to magically transform your thoughts to be more body-positive, BUT it can give you ideas for how to begin to move toward a healthier, more positive relationship with your body.

Happy Holidays What If. . .

What if the focus of holidays was not on food & bashing your body? This holiday season, focus on what’s really important with guide to a happy, healthy, body-positive holiday season filled with gratitude, family, and some R&R.