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What is REbeL?

REbeL is an innovative, peer-education and prevention program designed to address eating and body image issues founded by psychologist Dr. Laura Eickman as a pilot program in one high school in Overland Park, Kansas in 2008. REbeL has since grown to over 25 active chapters with hundreds of members in middle schools, high schools, and community centers in 4 different states. In REbeL, students are educated about the prevalence of eating and body image issues, the ineffectiveness of diets, mindful eating and exercise, the impact of negative self-talk, and media literacy. Exploring these topics helps students improve their own self-esteem and confidence, while at the same time developing leadership and valuable critical thinking skills. Students then become agents of positive change through school-wide and community activism.

Using the Programming Portal

You’ve reached REbeL’s Programming Portal, an important resource for Chapter Sponsors. Log in to access REbeL’s curriculum, a guide to getting your REbeL chapter started, and other helpful resources & videos. If you have trouble logging in, do not hesitate to email the Program Director.

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A Message from our Founder, Dr. Laura Eickman

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REbeL Website BE-log Posts

More Than a Body
Posted on Friday August 11, 2017

More Than a BodyFrom a young age, girls are given guidelines on having a voice and having a body, a firm set of “should’s” and “shouldn’t’s,” like there’s some published book of rules for girls… read more →

You Are More
Posted on Wednesday June 28, 2017

You Are MoreI wish you could look into the mirror and see beyond your face, way past the surface to see more. More than what the world sees, more than what your… read more →

2016 REbeL Annual Report
Posted on Tuesday June 13, 2017

annual reportREbeL had an incredible 2016 and we wanted to highlight our year for our generous donors in an effort to showcase the terrific outcomes that are generated through REbeL’s curriculum. REbeL truly… read more →

No, Doughnuts Aren’t Bad & Neither Are You
Posted on Friday June 02, 2017

DOUGHNUT DAYMy tummy is so happy right now. Actually, my whole body is happy right now. Why? Because I JUST HAD ONE OF THE BEST DOUGHNUTS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I… read more →

I’m Done Staying Quiet
Posted on Friday March 03, 2017

done staying quietI still remember the first time I heard the term, “Female Athlete Triad,”  now termed “Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport” (RED-S) to be more inclusive of males. I was fifteen… read more →